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Accueil – Bloc 2

Mar 06 2018

Accueil – Bloc 2

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Under work – please note that some contents could be in bad place. But all information is there

B4E in an expert group with independant consultants. We cover two technical topics
Guide-Robot "Petra" au Musée Nixdorf Paderborn en Allemagne (2014)
  • embedded microelectronics – the use of microcontrollers in embedded applications


  • energy and thermal :
    • industrial process,
    • H&S (confort climatique, aéraulique…),
    • heating and cooling networks, district heating and cooling,
    • optimizing use and quality of energy sources (energy mix for industrial plants)

Our engineer and physicist experts offer consultancy services for industrial plants and big buildings: technical assistance, help in development, technical training, development and research studies.

B4E has more than 25 years experience in development and research studies for private and administration and offers top expert consultancy knowledge in order to accompagny industrial decision makers within actual technology changes that come with digital transition and challenges of technology.  



Fédération des syndicats des métiers de la prestation intellectuelle du conseil, de l'ingénierie et du numérique

B4E is member of CINOV (FIDIC member)
WFES 2017


16/01/2017 – 19/01/2017:
B4E at WFES 2017 in Abu Dhabi – more information (in french) by B4E-blog
Microchip Masters 2017 B4E is Sponsor of MASTERs Microchip